Authenticating Medications and
Detecting Tampering Attempts

Authenticity Protection and First-Opening Indication

Protecting patients against counterfeit medicines and enhancing supply chain transparency confronts pharmaceutical manufactureres with special challenges. Smart labels with integrated NFC technology have both capabilities and are easy to use anywhere anytime because the medication is digitally authenticated by means of smartphones. Users are provided with clear and reliable results in real time telling them whether or not the medications in their hands are originals. In addition, descriptions of further security features or complementary information for patients or doctors can be conveniently provided. All this is enabled by the widespread use of NFC-capable smartphones with integrated readers, both in Android devices as well as Apple devices using the iOS operating system.

This results in diverse and scalable opportunities for reliable product and brand protection, depending on the threat scenario.

For instance, by using passwords, signatures or special encryption technologies reliable protection against counterfeiting attempts can be achieved.

During an online verification information such as a serial number stored on the chip can be matched with a database.

In compliance with data protection requirements, user data may also be transmitted for further applications. This provides pharmaceutical manufacturers with an additional option of receiving important information for monitoring the supply chain and avoiding potential gray market activities.

Possible Uses

  • Product and brand protection
  • First-opening indication
  • Tamper evidence
  • Authenticity protection
  • Product authentication
  • Security of the supply chain


  • Ease of use
  • No interpretation required
  • Patient protection against counterfeit medications
  • Product identification is possible both off- and online
  • Embedding of customized and product-specific information
  • Transparency about product usage in the marketplace
  • Scalable solutions for diverse stakeholders within the supply chain

Digital Authentication for Autoinjectors

Self-medication is a consistently growing trend. Patients suffering from diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis are increasingly using pens or autoinjectors, and ease and safety of handling these devices are particularly important to them. For pharmaceutical manufacturers, the protection of patients against counterfeit medications and supply chain security are additionally important criteria. Besides serialization, the EU Falsified Medicines Directive addresses tamper protection of secondary packaging, albeit without taking first-opening indication for primary containers or devices into account. The NFC-Label for autoinjectors from Schreiner MediPharm closes this risk-prone gap and indicates if the product is still originally sealed or has been opened before.

More Use Cases